Week 12 & 13

We finished our project during week 11. We have challenged ourselves to build a trebuchet that fires 700+ feet within a week. This is not for a grade as far as we know but its still in progress. We may not finish within the week since we have to test and dial it in but if we don't Jimmy will take it home and finish it at his farm.


Week 11

The project was a partial success. The stilts work but they're very difficult to cope with. WE plan on adding boots and securing our feet in better to improve this. Other than that pretty much everything turned out as it was planned.

Week 10

We have cut the other spring and attached it to the last boot. Now all that's left is to test it. I will be taking it home and testing it under the supervision of my father. We designed our boots differently for specific reasons. Jimmy made his so that he could alter them by drilling more holes and moving the bolts. Collin made his in one way and welded everything for far superior structural stability. In order to improve these designs we would have to streamline the construction process, increase the amount of weight they can hold, and make them safer and more comfortable. One thing Jimmy plans on doing is he plans on getting ski boots and bolting them in so that all he has to do it put on the ski boot and hes ready to go. Sadly this is our second to last blog post. Our next post will feature pictures and videos of the actual product in action.

Week 9

Collin is finishing his set of boots. He has made them out of steel and has welded everything so he doesn't need the supports that Jimmy does with his aluminum. Collin can also save of parts in terms of nuts and bolts (lucky bugger). It looks like Jimmy will not have the time to finish his second boot before the due date of the entire project. Therefore we will be using one of Collins boots and one of Jimmy's boots for our final grade and the testing section.

week 3 part 2

We have finished the design and one of us will be ordering parts today when they get home. As our design is complete so is our final budget and parts list. we will 3D printing one part and we will start on that during the next gold day.

Week 8

As of now we have officially finished one actual stilt. It works beautifully and without issues. The next step is trying to find something safe and secure to put my foot in while using the actual stilt. For now we're focusing on finishing one boot as that would be necessary to create the instructable so that those after us can do this too. At some point in the future i will actually build the other boot and we will have a working pair. When, however, is unknown for now.